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International Education Consulting

Looking to start a British Columbia or other Canadian Offshore School?

IntEd's experts are dynamic, highly respected professionals who bring over 20 years’ experience in international education to your project. With IntEd on your team you will have access to: ​

  • Direct communication with the Ministry of Education in British Columbia, Alberta and Nova Scotia. 

  • IntEd has team members on the BC Ministry of Education’s list of approved consultants with direct communication lines to the Director of International Education (in all three provinces) as well as having team members of the British Columbia Ministry’s approved Offshore School Inspectors

  • Unmatched experience “on the ground” in BC Offshore Schools. 

  • IntEd's extensive experience in BC Offshore Schools includes teaching the first ever graduating class (in 1998); liaising between Canadian and local school administration and teaching staff as Academic Dean; leading a department of nearly 20 BC certified teachers through MoE-mandated changes as Department Head; and undertaking the first formal research into BC Offshore Schools. IntEd has on the ground experience in 15 BC Offshore Schools.  Simply put, IntEd is your expert on understanding the experiences and challenges BC Offshore School administration, teaching staff, and students will face. When the Ministry of Education, the British Columbia Council for International Education, and the Asia Pacific Foundation want information on BC Offshore Schools, they consult IntEd's expertise.

  • An extensive network of BC, AB and NS Offshore School administrators and consultants.

  • IntEd’s contacts include Superintendents, Principals, Vice-Principals, and Consultants at over 20 BC Offshore Schools in China, Korea, Qatar, Egypt, Thailand, and Columbia. 

  • Key contacts at Canadian Post-Secondary institutions. 

  • Your graduates will have access to direct entry to academic programs at Canadian Post-Secondary institutions. IntEd’s professional experience includes managing international student services and international admissions offices at a BC Post-Secondary Institution and has negotiated POCs with BC Offshore Schools on behalf of a Canadian university. IntEd's experts also developed the first and highly successful summer BC Offshore School Enhancement Program at a Canadian University. 

  • Cutting-edge, specialized training in intercultural communication for admin and teaching staff. 

  • With their qualified administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), IntEd can provide unique training and professional development essential for successful cross-cultural collaboration in a BC Offshore School setting. IntEd has led professional development for hundreds of BC and local staff at BC Offshore Schools

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